Emaar has warned residents of its Freehold areas living in Emirates Living communities of a possible Dh500 if they wash their cars in their parking ports. It further adds: “A clean vehicle is great but not at the cost of your community and ultimately the environment!”

Emaar highlights that chemicals used to wash cars are seeping into the 66 inter-connected manmade lakes in the Emirates Living area, polluting the water. For every square meter of road surface that has suffered damage, approximately Dh465 is spent on repairs and restoration, Emaar calculates.

Washing cars in undesignated areas, whether outside homes in closed communities or in front of buildings and on streets, is not permitted in Dubai. In the past, authorities have issued warnings to people against washing cars in public places.

If people are caught dirtying the streets with unauthorized car washing in the city, they will see their wallets lighter as fines for this offense has been hiked to Dh500, and repeat offenders will receive a fine of Dh1,000.