Standardisation authority to classify garages across the country according to their standards and expertise.

Motorists will soon be able to choose from the best auto workshops to have their vehicles repaired as the Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority (ESMA) formulates a new system that will categorize and rate workshops according to their service standards and expertise. ESMA is working on regulations to govern the sector across the country that will set a minimum requirement in terms of skills of mechanics and service standards for a workshop to operate.

In the next stage, the workshops will be categorized according to the type of service they offer, such as AC repair, tyre service, bodywork, engine work, etc. In an important step, all the information about the workshops will be present on a common portal and motorists will be able to access the information to look for the best workshops.

Officials said that the workshops will be linked to auto insurance firms and in case of an accident, motorists will be able to see where their vehicles are being repaired and what is the standard of service at a particular workshop.

MechaniCar helps users to rate and review workshops in the UAE. This will, in turn, allows a better service from the garages towards peer car owners.