Cars are a marvel of human innovation and engineering we drool upon only until it breaks down. It is then that car repair and servicing gets expensive and usually puts a dent on to our pocket and we wonder if that body is made out of steel or of diamonds.

Result: we end up fixing it at a nearby garage that sounds cheap. But the reality is the quality is cheap too and can run the risk of your life. Yes, that’s right! Here is why you should never go for cheap repairs! Read on…

Car repair and servicing is one thing most of us avoid in the same manner we avoid going to a dentist. Why? Because we know the moment we step in, it is going to be an expensive affair with a long bill that is going to take a toll on the wallet. Having the same mindset was this gentleman who was lucky enough to escape the fire caught in his car.

Here is what happened:
The car of Touqeer, 22 who works in the real estate industry caught fire in Ras Al Khor in Dubai on August 06 right after he took his 2005 Prado from a garage for a test drive. Not even 500 metres did he reach and he saw the drivers behind him signalling him to stop.

Astonished Touqeer thought of taking a u-turn considering it was nothing to be bothered about when he again noticed one of the drivers from behind honking at him. So he finally slowed down to hear what they had to say and the response kind of zapped him. Because he had just stepped out of the garage where he got the entire engine replaced at almost half the price when compared with the company service centre, he was literally shocked.

He without any panic parked his car on the side, grabbed his fire extinguisher from the back of his car and tried to douse the fire. But it didn’t help and then he saw those motorists and one more coming his way for rescue and asked him to step back. The fire was out-growing until Dubai Civil Defence arrived and contained the fire within minutes. Things came under control but the car was beyond recognition by then.

Touqeer’s car was one of at least 10 vehicles that had caught fire in the UAE since summer began. Later, Dubai Police took Touqeer’s car to the forensics department to determine the cause of the fire. But if we go by the reports, 75 per cent of vehicle fires are caused by poor maintenance, mechanical or electrical failures or malfunctions. Extreme heat could exacerbate car problems and may result in fires.

So, we all have one life and let’s not risk it for saving some money by settling for cheap repairs. For at the end, they could take your life in a cheap manner and you won’t be able to regret it even. Solution? Find an acclaimed garage in your city from the list of the biggest network of garages in your city via MechaniCar and save money wisely. Happy servicing to you!