Few people know winter like Canadians know winter. There aren’t many inhabited places in the world that gets colder, snowier and more challenging once the temperature drops. While we are mostly used to the cold and take pride in our ability to cope with it, there are a few simple car accessories that could make winter much more bearable.

1. Remote engine start
Remote engine start is an optional feature on many vehicles. While it may seem like an unnecessary option but winter might change that. The ability to hold the key fob through the house or office and have the car to warm up while you get coffee is invaluable. Remote engine start can be an option at purchase but you can also have it retrofitted to some vehicles.

2. Folding snow shovel
If you head out of the city in winter, you may need one of these. Regional governments are well-practiced at keeping roads clear but anything can happen in winter. For the sake of a few dollars and a tiny bit of trunk space, a folding snow shovel is a must-have.

3. Ice scraper and ice removal spray
Most people keep a plastic ice scraper in the glove box and some also have a can of ice removal spray. These are two accessories recommended in the glovebox all year round. Some cars have heated front screens while others don’t have that luxury. For less than $10, you could ensure you have good visibility whatever the weather condition.

4. Phone charger
Some newer cars are beginning to feature wireless phone chargers but for those which don’t, keep a phone charger at all times. There’s nothing worse than trying to call for recovery and realizing you’re almost out of battery.

5. Warm clothes or a blanket
Some maintain a winter bag in the trunk all winter. It usually has a space blanket, a spare pair of gloves and a woollen hat, a cotton base layer and a pair of pyjamas. It’s not the most elegant attire but it could literally save a life in an event of a breakdown. It’s simple, cheap and could make that wait for a tow a lot more bearable!