A Dubai-based garage is introducing Auto training workshops for the first time in the UAE in an effort to empower women while driving. It aims to reach every woman driver in the UAE and empower them with the basic education on the nitty-gritty such as basics, maintenance and to-dos in an emergency situation.

They believe that traditionally women have been kept out of mechanical matters and haven’t been exposed to car care as much as men. Women and men have divided tasks into comfort zones; a bit like cooking versus changing a tyre – over time.

The specially designed workshop is interactive and will last 1 hour 15 minutes. The topics to be covered at the event will be in 3 sections: General body and interiors; Engine bay and Undercarriage; Emergency and Red flags 101 basics; Flat battery, Flat tyre, Smoky exhaust, Smoky engine, Engine overheating… and call to action.

To Book a session: Call 800 HAMMER or email them at info@hammerhead.ae

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