High alert for parking rule violators for its going to be a hard chase to escape the new tech-driven cameras at the parking lots.  

We all agree that most of our lives today are tech-driven and require very less human intervention. One such area that required a hi-tech scheme desperately was parking areas!

Parking rule violators won’t be able to escape from the parking inspectors for they will be issued tickets electronically on any violation of parking rules, as the new system does away with the need for in-person parking inspectors.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) recently announced that cameras will monitor parking bays, and violation tickets will be issued electronically. Adhering to which, residents have been urged to cooperate with the new system being implemented across the capital.

The first phase will see cameras being installed across sections of Musaffah, Mohammad Bin Zayed City and downtown Abu Dhabi.
Mohammad Al Muhairi, deputy general manager at the ITC, said, “The new method will allow for parking compliance to be monitored over wider areas in an efficient manner.” It will also do away with the need to deploy parking inspectors in varying climate conditions, including the sweltering summer heat, in order to ensure that motorists adhere to parking regulations,” he added.

However, given it’s a new regulation, inspectors are closely monitoring the same and can be distinguished by their turquoise vests as they patrol neighbourhoods in the city and place violation slips on car windshields.
But the new system will be far less visible, with fines issued electronically to motorists. So it’s time we all abide by the rules to the fullest unless you are keen for an electronic ticket to reach you! Safe driving!