Cars are amongst the most valuable possessions we own but amidst the expenditures we do on interiors, car paint, servicing of fluids and tyre replacements; we neglect the most important element of the car – it’s Engine! We recommend some quick and easy DIY tips that can help you keep the car’s engine as young as possible. Read on ..

The engines of most modern cars generally don’t need much polishing but minor debris can cause some serious damage. So all you need to do is conduct a periodic check of the engine bay exactly in the same manner as you keep an eye for the petrol gauge and warning lights on your dashboard.

The Importance:
Whether you are looking to resell your car or heading for a mechanical surgery, taking a look under the hood will make a world of a difference because when an engine is clean aesthetically, it can cool more efficiently as there is less wear & tear on bearings, pulleys and much lesser chance of dirty particulates slipping down into the filter. Though modern automobiles are built with the radiator positioned to protect delicate parts of the engine but one should still keep a check under the hood, once in a while.

Here are some quick DIY Tips:

  • Ensure the engine is cold: So now that you have decided to open the hood and look inside, make sure you don’t do immediately after the car has been in use as not only will you get a burn but the cleansers and water can also harm the warm engine.
  • Choose your cleaner: Don’t compromise with the quality of the cleanser (a dishwashing detergent works well too). Pick the best to remove any stray branches, leaves and debris with the help of a toothbrush and a clean cotton rag.
  • Rinse with extreme care: Spraying the engines can cause electrical problems as the water may slip in so it’s best you rinse the engine by taping plastic bags over electrical items.
  • Avoid pressure washers: Even at a low setting, pressure washers can wreak havoc. So until you know how to use it, don’t attempt and test it on your car.
  • Dry thoroughly: Once you are done rinsing the engine, towel-dry it. Remove as much water as possible and then start the engine.
  • Take proactive measures: Tyres kick dirt, sand and salt into the underside of the car. Opt for underside spraying at a commercial car wash. If you wash your car at home, use a high-pressure garden hose to spray all four wheel wells.
  • Extend the battery life: Although battery maintenance is not part of engine cleaning, it’s important to clean it regularly. Begin with cleaning the battery tray and later clean wipe the battery by using a mixture of baking soda and water.

If you still think there isn’t much time in the daily hustle and bustle, our network garages will be happy to take care of this as part of the car’s scheduled maintenance.