Looking at the rise in the global price of crude oil, UAE has announced a hike in petrol prices for the first time in eight months.

‘Special’ grade petrol (95 octane) will retail at Dh1.51 per litre from April 1, up 11 per cent from the Dh1.36 per litre that UAE residents currently pay for it.

On the other hand, Super (98 octane) grade of petrol will retail at Dh1.62 per litre from next month, up 10.2 per cent from the current Dh1.47 per litre.

The price of E Plus gasoline (91 octane), the least expensive petrol in the country, has been set at Dh1.44 per litre, up 11.62 per cent from the current Dh1.29 per litre.

Diesel, which currently retails for Dh1.40 per litre, will retail at Dh1.56 from April 1, a jump of 11.42 per cent.

Even after the hike, the price of petrol will remain less than what it was prior to its deregulation last year. ‘Special’ 95, for instance, will still be 12.2 per cent less expensive in April 2016 than it was in July 2015.