The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced mandatory medical tests for motorists aged 65 and above in Dubai.

Effective from September 01, anyone aged 65 and above will have to undergo medical tests before motorists can have their licences renewed. The medical screening will be done at public and private hospitals and clinics approved by the RTA in Dubai.

The initiative has been taken considering the safety of the motorists and to check if they are fit to drive and are free from any diseases that could harm their driving abilities. The RTA said the move would increase traffic safety for all road-users.

Unlike the usual validity of 10 years, the renewed license will be issued only with a validation of three years. But incase you have renewed your license before September 01, you still get 10 years of validity

“The test is intended to verify if motorists are free from diseases that may impact their driving abilities to the extent of posing risks to road users,” said Jamal Assada, Director of Drivers Licensing at RTA’s Licensing Agency.

This new requirement comes in-line with the recent changes to the UAE’s traffic laws (including mandatory seat belt wearing for all passengers) that aim to make the country’s roads safer.