Motorists need to careful as heavy traffic fines are expected to be imposed due to violations caught by new radar systems in Dubai. These new radars have been installed at multiple places across the city which are capable of monitoring the reckless behaviour of drivers. They will sharply observe the driving patterns and will immediately detect traffic violations and related offences. 

Some of the Radar capabilities:

  1. Track lane range up to 200 M.
  2. Equipped with advanced instruments which make them capable of multi-lane monitoring up to 8 lanes.
  3. 24 GHz large beam Doppler trackers and can take high-resolution pictures of vehicles up to “36 megapixels”.
  4. Monitor speed limit by vehicle type and recognize number plates
  5. Detect tailgating and illegal driving on a reserved lane.
  6. Monitor low-speed vehicles and detect driving offences such as not wearing seat belts or usingcell phone
  7. Capable of detecting vehicles accessing prohibited areas.
  8. Detect vehicles jumping the red signals.
  9. Detect wrong turns made by motorists on the roads.
  10. Manage reserved lanes, monitor yellow box junctions and enforce speed and signal lights.

Video Preview of the New Radar System

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