Despite being a relatively new concept, electric cars have rapidly gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of electric vehicles –

Pros of Electric Vehicles:

  • Saves you money in the long run: Electric vehicles are a lot cheaper to run in comparison to petrol run vehicles that need constant refueling.
  • Eco friendly: Electric vehicles are better for the environment in comparison to fuel run vehicles as they relatively produce quite less carbon emissions from them.
  • Easy maintenance: Electric vehicles also save you a lot of effort and money with their low service costs. This is unlike fuel run vehicles that call for frequent service that consequently results in a high cost of maintenance at auto repair shops.
  • Safer and Quieter: Another factor that makes electric cars better than fuel run cars is the smooth and safe run they promise for you. These cars come with airbags that open in case of an accident to protect you from any serious injury.

Cons of Electric Vehicles:

  • Restricted Range: One factor that affects the owners of electric cars is their limited range along with its long refueling time. Most electric cars come with an average of 100-200 miles that is otherwise sufficient for most of the drivers.
  • Limited choice: Currently there is a limited choice for consumers as far as availability of new models in electric cars is concerned. This is something that will hopefully get resolved with time.
  • Expensive: Despite their low maintenance costs, electric cars can cost you quite a lot during the time of purchase.

On the whole, the unique attributes of electric cars make them a smart choice if you are looking for an option that helps you costs in the long run.