Yes, that’s right! The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development has kick-started a project to raise awareness on road safety in a happier manner discarding the usual dangerous and oppressing approach. Here is everything you need to know about the new smiling emojis on the UAE Roads.

As you drive down the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road while entering the northern area of the country, you will witness big smiling emojis welcoming you with text ‘Drive Safely’ inscribed in three languages – Arabic, English and Urdu.

The motto behind these smiles is to simply convey the message of safe driving in a positive and encouraging manner.

Insight into the New Road Safety Initiative
This new road safety initiative has been launched by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development in the UAE with a main objective to make motorists realize the importance of road safety in a cordial way.

“Drive Safely” is written underneath the emojis so that the citizens can understand the core objective of this new initiative. Not only this, in case of emergency, one can call 80088889 on any road for assistance or for vehicle maintenance requests too.

The Director of Roads at Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Ahmed Al Hammadi, said that, “the new initiative aims to make the UAE roads safer than before and targets the well-being of society and road users.”

Following this, the next set of emojis are likely to be seen on all major federal roads in no time. Apart from this happy initiative, other recent initiatives like Child Safety Seat Policy, Roads in Red Color, New Laws to discourage reckless driving, Tinting Limit and Summer without Accident campaign have played an important part in restoring the safety on all major roads.

These and many such encouraging initiatives have helped to bridge the communication gap between authorities and motorists, which has improved the sense of responsibility among motorists. And if we go by reports, these efforts have significantly improved road safety conditions in 2017 as compared to the year 2016.

So UAE, with these emojis lets spread only smiles around us. What say?