RTA has started to paint the roads in Dubai in red color to make motorists aware of the new speed limits on different roads. This is the first of its kind initiative taken by RTA in Dubai to improve understanding of speed limits among motorists so that they can avoid over-speeding fines. This new initiative is aimed at reducing the dangerous over-speeding road accidents as these accidents have been one of the major reasons for road deaths in the emirate.

Which Roads have been Painted Red in Dubai?
RTA has so far painted only one road in red color, but there are plans to expand this campaign and paint all major roads in Dubai that have observed a change in speed limits. At the moment, the road on Oud Metha Street near Bu Kadrah Interchange along the extension of Dubai-Al Ain Street can be spotted in red color with the speed limits highlighted. The maximum speed limit of this road was recently changed from 100km/h to 80km/h and all the lanes on this road can now be seen in red color.

Why RTA has Changed Speed Limits in Dubai?
RTA had conducted a study in which engineers were commissioned to observe the dynamics of different roads in Dubai and suggest changes to the speed limits if needed. As per the results of this study, the changes to the maximum speed limits of different roads were suggested according to the nature of these roads and the appropriate braking distance required while driving on these roads. In the light of these recommendations, the speed limits of different roads have been changed in Dubai.

RTA intends to Maximize Road Safety in Dubai:
Road safety has improved considerably over the year in Dubai, all thanks to the tireless efforts of RTA. A marked reduction can be observed in the road safety stats in Dubai where the traffic fatalities came down from 332 in 2006 to 166 in 2015 and the rate of mortality decreased immensely to 3.5 deaths per 100,000 people in 2016 from being 21.7 deaths per 100,000 people in 2006.

This amazing improvement in the road safety situation has also placed Dubai among the top 5 cities in the world in terms of traffic safety.
With improved figures for road safety in Dubai, the Road and Transport Authority is committed to launch innovative initiatives to further enhance the levels of safety on Dubai roads.