What are the risks of getting the coronavirus while driving? Is it safe to drive with the windows down?

As suggested by WHO, only way you could catch COVID-19 on the road is if somebody in your car already has it.

“I’d only wear a mask in the car if there’s someone else in the car who might be infected,” says David Evans, a virologist and professor of medical microbiology and immunology at the University of Alberta. “You can open a window in the car.”

Last week, Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, said that wearing masks in public to prevent the spread of the coronavirus might not be a bad idea.

There has been public confusion over whether or not the coronavirus is airborne. However it has been established by WHO that the virus is not in anyway, airborne. Therefore public officials haven’t regulated the use of masks while driving. It can only be spread by droplets of sneeze or cough that may come on a surface from someone who is infected.l, through touch or droplets.

However, for the same reason it is also important to understand an underlying factor of the matter, if someone with COVID-19 does, cough near you, it is plausible that you may contact the virus by breathing in those droplets, which is why at least two metres from distance from other around us is imperative.

Furthermore, it is equally important to be attentive with how your hands touch your eyes, nose and ears along with the mouth, because having micro-droplets on your hands can easily travel through these mediums, and infect you.

Regular sanitation and washing of hands for over 20 seconds decreases the chances of having any bacteria survive on your hands, and prevents the transfer of the virus.
More importantly, it takes hours for the infected droplets to die off from any surface, is why wiping your phones and surfaced with antibacterial wipes is a must.

Recently, South Korean drivers have been adviced to hit the recirculation button on their car’s air conditioning so the pathogens remained within the car.

Chances of contracting the virus while driving having the windows down, are very slim. If one happens to sneeze, the droplets fall and settle onto the ground or surface, and being to deteriorate.

It is extremely important to observe social distancing in times like these. Only very essential errand runs are encouraged, which mostly consist of medications and groceries.
If you happen to make a trip in an emergency, it is advised that you maintain hygiene practices and wear masks and gloves for safety measures.